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Heal, Align & Manifest a Life of Joy, Grace & Ease

Hi! I’m Sheri Friedman.  Intuitive, Certified Tarot Reader, Spiritual Coach and conduit for healing. I teach my clients how to develop a deeper understanding of who they are and how to consciously align with their potential through intuitive & transformational healing. 

My services include: Intuitive Healing, Consciousness Exploration, Psychic & Tarot Sessions.


I'm here to Support You in listening to Your inner voice and Making the Shift to a life in high alignment of Your purpose.

Looking for a therapist, psychic and spiritual coach?

Did someone call my name? Let me support you in figuring out your “stuff” and show you how to utilize your own internal guidance system. If negative thoughts are high-jacking your mental space, let’s partner to alleviate that stress and work through transformation and healing together. 

Are you ready to release fear from your life?

False core belief patterns urge you to choose fear and constrict your potential in love, career and family relationships. Fear is a heavy, limiting energy that keeps you in the past and breeds anxiety for the future all at the cost of the present moment – which is all you have!

Having issues with someone and can’t resolve it?

Did I mention I can ‘tune-in” to significant people in your life and create healing on a higher level? As an Empath and Psychic, I can access challenging situations, support conflict resolution, reduce anxiety and bring peace into your relationships.


I invite you to partner with me in accessing a life that flows from innate “KNOWING” and true potential rather than harmful patterns and fears. Click here for more information about how I can support you.