My intuitive quantum healing system is founded on allowing (not forcing) energy to flow to the root of the issue. It is a four-part system: opening, clearing, healing, and closing. I move the energy from a linear, horizontal flow grounded in duality, to a vertical energy flow from a place of oneness. I become a conduit and a witness to the healing which grounds it in the physical world.

The intuitive guidance I receive facilitates the healing through revealing  narrow pathways to unmask, clear, remove, and in the end, seal the affected areas with unconditional love. I use my intuition, willpower, intention, and a numerical percentage system for testing and confirmation.


  • Intuitive Healing
  • Consciousness Exploration
  • Psychic and Tarot Sessions


What Does an Appointment
With Me Look Like?

As we start our time together I’ll take a few minutes to “tune-in”. I’ll merge with your energetic field and then your physical fields. You may feel a light lifting sensation here. Then I’ll use my quantum healing protocol to support you in transformation and healing. First, I’ll explain to you the wonder, beauty and challenges in support of lifting you to a place of peace. Where we head next becomes a collaboration leading to insight, clarity and healing. Each appointment is different and could resemble the following example:


If you are interested in exploring insights from the Tarot, I am a Certified Tarot Reader. This often provides a meaningful foundation for the deeper work to follow. My personally devised and highly intuitive method of Tarot interpretation is unlike mainstream reading. I use my psychic abilities to discern sacred insights in a reading that is fluid, organic and responsive to Spirit’s highest intentions. I’m often told it’s fun to see how I communicate with the deck as the information is revealed. 

Deep Dive

Anything that is taking up valuable “real estate” in your consciousness is fertile ground for exploration and healing. We can “deep dive” into understanding the root causes, while bringing awareness to unconscious decision processes or historical structures that are constricting your potential. It is as if I hold up a mirror and share with you a perspective that’s actionable and in alignment to your true self in manifestation.

Lastly, I “tune-in” for closure and additional information guiding you to lasting transformation.


Book Your Appointment

*All appointments are at the client’s choice of Phone, Zoom or FaceTime.

30 Minutes

+ Spiritual Coaching
+ Tarot Reading
+Time for a Question

The beginning of the session will center around an energetic “tune-in” for healing, clearing, transformation and growth. Where we head next will depend on the current, significant situations in your life and how I can best support you, For example: spending more time on a Tarot Reading or answering a question that’s on your mind. Not interested in the Tarot? No Worries! Let’s do a “Deep Dive” into what is on the forefront of your mind and create healing and resolution. 



60 Minutes

+ Spiritual Coaching
+ Tarot Reading
+ “Deep Dive” into Questions

This longer format is a more comprehensive exploration into your life. It will include all the elements of the 30 minute appointment. During our time together, we will have additional opportunities for “deep dives”, clarity, resolution and healing to unlock your truth and highest manifestation.