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Client Testimonials

After my appointment with Sheri, I felt a new sense of calm and peace with where I’m at in my life. I’m less judgmental of myself, and I feel less anxiety about feeling like I have to make decisions or changes right now. She changed my energy. After seeing her, I’m more hyper-aware of things that are happening in my life and more open to information I’m receiving. Sheri is incredibly intuitive — she really tuned-in to what I was feeling and helped make sense of it, and she gave me hope for the future and validation that it was all supposed to be what I was feeling. She asked great questions and pulled things out that I needed to hear out loud, and then think about. She gave me guidance on how to cope and she gave me goals – attainable enjoyable ones, for my growth and development. She tuned-in to what I needed more of in my life… creativity. She pulled out some family ‘stuff’ that I’ve never addressed and how that relates to my identity. She shined a light on cycles and feminine energy. She pointed out fear and released it. My time with Sheri was definitely an emotional release, and I’m so glad she had me voice record it so I can continue to listen and learn from it, and revisit it when I need to. I left feeling more grounded, more grateful to the universe, and like I am right where I’m supposed to be in life. – Erica, CA

Sheri has been extremely helpful, and a voice of reason and comfort in crisis. When Sheri takes you on as a client, she treats you like family. Her intuitive insight and words have been exactly what I needed to hear, and each time I speak with her, she has helped me to find direction and move forward. – Carolyn, FL.

Sheri has absolutely given me one of the best readings of my life. I have always been open to the connection from truly gifted psychics and when I sought my first reading in Atlanta it didn’t take long for Sheri’s information to appear. With clear communication skills, great professionalism and an overall great demeanor she makes you feel welcomed. Sheri’s intuition is clear and concise. She is authentic and extremely knowledgeable. I chose a tarot card reading, which is something I’ve done before. Every topic we discussed she was dead on. I was already blown away when she explained every card. Then when my long-term predictions came to fruition I knew I had chosen wisely. One of the best decisions for my New Year. – Nikki, SC

In a world where the investment to be seen as a healer is preferable to being a clear vessel for healing, Sheri truly embodies a level of clarity and stillness that allows the information to shine through unfiltered by ego. Her intentions to be of service is only out matched by the tools she possesses to facilitate the higher understanding she’s receiving. It’s accessible and grounded. She’s a gem. – Dustin, NYC

Sheri clearly knows her deck, and her knowledge & insight are delivered with warmth & relatability. She got me to look at the big picture in a way that had been right under my nose for years & gave a roadmap for me going forward. She was also spot on with reading a relationship dynamic and gave me a lot to work with. – Kyle, CA

Sheri is simply fantastic! I have been listening to my recorded tarot card session off and on across the past 9 months and I couldn’t see it all then, but everything makes so much sense now … I felt like an onion and she was peeling back the layers to my most vulnerable self – helping me get the clarity and confidence boost I needed. She has such a warm and nurturing energy and truly has a gift. I hope to keep going for many years to come. – Jackie, MI

I’ve known Sheri for a few years now and her abilities are nothing short of phenomenal. I’ve had many readings from her over this time and she has always been spot on. Sheri is very personable and kind. She is always positive and focused on your greatest and highest good. If you’ve been hesitant about seeing a psychic in the past, then Sheri would be a great choice for you. Her professional standards and ethics are very high, and she will make you feel instantly comfortable. Do yourself a favor and visit with Sheri sometime. You will definitely not regret your choice. – Brad, GA

I have chosen Sheri above other card readers countless times. She is thorough, obviously very knowledgeable with regard to her craft, and shows a genuine interest in constantly developing her skills. On a more personal level, she is a sweetheart who takes a wholehearted interest in her clients, always wanting to serve them with truth and love. I have found her readings to be eerily accurate and also extremely fun and interesting – so much so that I have even taken a few tarot lessons from her.

On that note, she is a fantastic teacher who lays everything out in a way that is so easy to understand. She provides you with reference materials for at-home study and makes herself available whenever you have questions.

I HIGHLY recommend her both for readings and for classes. – Laken, GA

Sheri is the best! She is a natural teacher, healer and one of the best tarot readers there is! Sheri has the ability to present information in a way that resonates AND allows you to see the direct application in your life. I highly recommend her! – Lisa, TX

My experience with Sheri was truly special.  She is very gifted in her ability to dial in, read, feel, interpret, and share all that she gets while with you.  Her presence is wise and kind and solid, and her readings are complex, deep, and in service of our higher selves.  I enthusiastically recommend her! – Avery, CA

Sheri Friedman is one of the most amazing healers and psychics that I have had the privilege to work with. I recommend her highly for anyone looking for guidance and healing. – Shelia, NM

I was drawn to Sheri the first time I saw her. While being a big fan of tarot, I had never actually had a tarot reading before so I wasn’t sure what it would be like. Sheri explained everything and gave me a very detailed reading. When our time was up I actually paid more money so we could go even further! I could have spent all day with her. Sheri has gone on to become a friend and one of my favorite teachers. She has a wicked sense of humor and is such a lively teacher. If you’re on the fence about doing any work with her, get off the fence and go already! – Berry, AZ

I got an intuitive reading from Sheri about a year ago. I can say that she told me some things that I definitely needed to hear and that I wasn’t looking at in my life. I wrote down some notes and they have helped me through a few different times and reminded of something great to keep in mind when moving through life and making decisions. I absolutely think she has access to intuitive information that can be very beneficial to the person she is reading. Highly recommended. – Alli, GA

Sheri is wonderful and a true healer. She is a huge support in difficult moments and her guidance can help get rid of fear when making decisions. I would go back and I would strongly recommend to anyone, especially those going through a rough time. – Beth, FL

Sheri is an amazing healer and intuitive. She gets to the root of the issue quickly and clearly, and provides a strong healing channel using various tools she’s learned along the way. She mixes all this with common sense and a great sense of humor. I am proud to be part of her soul tribe, and consider her one of my “go-to” people, as well as a sister of the heart. – Karen, VA

I have been seeing Sheri for over a year now and I would HIGHLY recommend her services. I have seen many psychics in the past and she is the only one that seems to be SPOT ON. After my last session with her, over a year ago, my life has gotten better and better. I do believe her positivity helped me through some tough times and helped me see the light. I leave conversations with her feeling full of hope. – Samantha, FL

Sheri is the real deal. Booked an hour and she made every minute count. Supportive, engaged, and thoughtful. I’m not sure I would even consider looking elsewhere. Oh, and she’s a human. She’s completely transparent without any airs or woo-woo. – Jesse, NC

My readings with Sheri are always a joy. I am always amazed by her deep listening skill while simultaneously maintaining a bird’s eye view of the whole situation. She is very, very insightful about the layers of information presented through the Tarot cards and provides her intuitive guidance by posing very direct questions in a comfortable way. Her calm, authentic and loving presence inspires me and her witnessing of me in my truth affects my field in a very positive way. A reading from her is a gift to yourself, I can confidently say that to anyone. – Debasmita, Germany
Sheri is such an amazing intuitive healer! Her disposition her kindness her energy is so loving and giving. Her guidance and her words are so spot on and she has helped me when I was at a loss. You will not be disappointed! – Joanne, GA
My reading with Sheri was insightful and confirming. Sometimes in life we can hear an inner knowing and having another reaffirm and witness you in it can be incredibly powerful. Her knowledge of the cards, their meanings, and how they speak to each other within the spread took the reading from face value to a much deeper place that painted a much more complete picture of my life. Even where in life it was perhaps easier to look away from the events represented by the cards in the reading she knew how to ask the right questions, uncover the deeper truths and lead me to a deeper knowing within myself in such a loving way. Overall, I enjoyed her enthusiasm and connection to the messages that were coming through. She was completely engaged and seemly excited to be on the journey of discovery with me. I would absolutely return to her again for a new adventure of new insights! – Lindsay, CA

Sheri is an amazing spirit and a very gifted intuitive. She has helped many people through her readings. I had the honor of receiving many wonderful and accurate readings from Sheri. She is very loving and compassionate when it comes to her work. If you are looking for guidance and answers contact Sheri she is the BEST!!!! – Rhonda, GA

I spent an hour with Sheri having a reading and asking questions. I laughed, I cried and I learned a lot about myself! Sheri has such a natural gift, I felt so comfortable with her and felt like I was really able to get answers. I recorded my session and listen to it every few weeks to further process the reading. I am amazed each time by how accurate Sheri was! I could not recommend her more highly, I absolutely loved the experience. – Amanda, Australia

Sheri is beyond delightful! I’ve been coming to her off and on again for about 6 months now and I always leave feeling confident and optimistic about what the future holds for me. She is personable, sweet, caring, and engaging. Her readings are extremely thorough as well and she treats every client as a personal friend. In our sessions she has revealed things to me about myself and my current state of being that have been eye opening in my transformation to better myself. I’ll definitely be seeing her again! – Jason, GA

Get a reading from Sheri! She’s AMAZING! Sheri is super sweet and has great energy. You’ll feel instantly comfortable and at ease with her. She is a delight to be around and my reading was spot on. It really helped me gain some much-needed clarity on a few situations in my life. I’ve had readings with others before and none of those sessions came close to the accuracy and relevance that I received from Sheri’s reading. Highly recommend!! – Rian, CO

I have never experienced a tarot card reading, but with an open mind decided there was no time like the present (which happens to be a time of much self-exploration). Sheri was not only incredibly genuine but also deeply in tune with who I was and what it is I needed. Not only did she educate me about tarot card reading but also enlightened me on the many ways my cards could be applied to making my life the best life. Truly thankful, amazed, and honored. Thank you for everything, Sheri. – Margaret, GA

Amazing, talented, spot on, and that’s just the beginning! Sheri’s Readings are thoughtful and accurate. If you have never had a reading before I recommend you begin with her. You will enjoy her honesty and gentle energy. If you have had readings in the past and are looking for new insight you should schedule your appointment today. You will not be disappointed with Sheri. – Kimberly, GA

Sheri is amazing! She is not only a very gifted healer, but she is an incredible teacher as well! I have learned so much from Sheri about intuitive healing. My entire practice has been influenced by Sheri’s technique. Sheri works in pure channel and I trust her completely!!! – Beth, GA

Sheri is a highly trained and talented healer who is always expanding her knowledge to enhance her natural gifts. She shares information and healing with integrity, compassion, and humor. Sheri shares from the heart and connects to yours to receive the highest information and healing for you in the most perfect way. My readings from Sheri provide valuable insight to guide me in my understanding and decisions. I trust her gifts and value her as a resource in my life. – Sara, FL

Trust your intuition to reach out to Sheri – she has a gift. Wherever you are on this earth, with your phone or computer, schedule the call. It’s that easy to do a good thing for yourself. You’ll be happy you did. – Talia, AL

Whoa!  Just call her.  Her insight is spot on and she’s not pushing changes in your life.  Just acceptance and acknowledgement of possibilities.  She knows, shares, and leaves the rest up to you. – Bob, FL

Sheri is incredible. Kind, warm, and great at giving insightful guidance. Glad I got to work with her. – Riesa, GA

She was awesome and made me feel so comfortable. She answered so many of my questions and gave great advice. I can’t wait to meet with her again. – Jessica, GA

Working with Sheri has helped me to love and appreciate myself and my human process.  Sheri is professional, thoughtful and compassionate. Her readings are spot on. They provide the insight, clarity and broader perspective that allow me to move more gracefully through life. Thank you! Thank you Sheri Friedman! – Karen, WI

Sheri is an amazingly smart and kind intuitive healer. I’m so grateful to have connected with Sheri and definitely recommend her services. Thank you for your Light and Love. – Angela, GA

Sheri is amazing, she helped me focus and begin to stop identifying with certain issues and allow the excitement of uncertainty. – Patrick, MA

Sheri did my first professional reading, she was absolutely wonderful. It was very insightful, and rang true to my spirit. She dug deep to take a look into some deeper issues and helped guide me through some of my own mind clutter. Definitely highly recommended! – Amber, NY

I got a lot out of my session with Sheri and will consult with her in the future. She was kind and compassionate and helped me better understand my situation. – Aimee, GA

Amazing! Overwhelmingly helpful. Will be returning and referring people to her. Love her! – Janet, GA

She was amazing! Loved the experience. She is so peaceful and knows her stuff. Awesome experience! – Maria, WY

About a week ago I happen to be on amazing workshop with Sheri Friedman in CA. And when I found out that she is a Psychic I asked her to do a reading for me. I was amazed how detailed she told me my situation and warned me about few things to prevent disappointments. She also “tuned in” to me by holding my hands and told me a very special thing that I am aware of, but to hear a confirmation from a spiritual person is gaining more confidence in that. Thank you, Sheri, for the work you are doing and sharing your amazing gift with us. The world needs you. – Anastasia, NY

I saw Sheri a few months ago, she is absolutely amazing. Her space is warm and her spirit is calming and inviting. I went for an hour long reading and everything she told me was true. She is truly gifted and incredibly kind with the way she delivers information. If you are trying to figure out who to go to, definitely choose her you will not be disappointed. – Danielle, GA

Very accurate, kind, and intuitive. I will definitely be back to see Sheri! – Lindsay, MI

We hired Sheri for a company party, and she was incredible!! – Shelby, GA

Sheri is a lovely woman, an angel is disguise. – Kendall, GA

This poem was sent to Sheri as a

“thank you” for a reading.

Her Lantern:
Soft, yellow light
That gift of clarity
Illumines a night
—kind eyes—
The pause before the words
The heart within the phrase
Finds a way to say things nice
Still–even at the end of day

Here is She!
Here is She!
Here is She!
Beyond special
-this Woman of Moon-
I am grateful. Lucky to be
Blessed by her insights,
Her reflections,
Her See

– By J.J., August 2016